From: ("Leon")
Subject: FEAR: Fwd: Fw: A Modest Story...a Draconian Outcome
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 03:56:21 -0600

Folks, please help if you can. This is very representative of the seizure and forfeiture stories we get almost every day from victims. Please take the time to read his story he posted to the web at .

This is America today! Why is it in such a mess? Because the citizens of America let it happen. The citizens allowed the horrendous "USA-Patriot" act to pass and now the "Homeland Security Act". The politicians are only doing what they are allowed to get away with.

S. Leon Felkins, Executive Director of F.E.A.R.
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The American public knows what it wants, and deserves to get it good and hard. -- H. L. Mencken
*********** BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE *********** On 11/23/2002 at 7:21 PM Rose Hanson <> wrote: > >----- Original Message ----- >From: <> >To: <> >Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 5:41 AM >Subject: A Modest Story...a Draconian Outcome > > >> My story doesn't merit inclusion in the 'Victim Stories' section, I do >not >> doubt. (I can't go there; I'm working with an ancient PC). >> >> IAE, I posted the latest version of it on my own home page. It's rather >> basic, I'm afraid. I had to do it in haste at the local public library in >New >> Port Richey, FL, on Geocities, after Talkcity, it seems, vanished into >the >> Great Bit-Bucket in the Sky, taking all my files with it. >> >> My URL now is: >> >> >> There now seems to be little hope for action, given the state of panic >now >> gripping the nation. So, what I am now wondering is this: >> Can I make a Last Will and Testament bequeathing to my own 'estate', >(ahem), >> any restitution that may become payable in the future to victims of CAF? >> >> If such a hope exists, I'd like the proceeds to be donated to one of the >> homeless shelters I've had to live in since my car was 'stolen' by the >local >> PD. >> This list grows ever longer. It now includes: >> CHIP (Clearwater Homeless Intervention Project) >> MRM (Miami Rescue Mission) >> The HAC (Miami's Homeless Assistance Council) >> Beckham Hall, Miami >> Douglas Gardens, Miami Beach >> CHIP (again) >> >> and may in the near future include: >> The Pavilion, Orlando >> >> Not that I haven't made a few mistakes of my own along the way, but this >I >> know: The consequences of Civil Asset Forfeiture can go on for years and >> years. And none of this would have happened without it. >> > *********** END FORWARDED MESSAGE ***********
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